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Job Description:

1 . Provide leadership and ability to demonstrate successful track records in managing IT resources to Meet the needs of the business

  1. Lead in managing, and establishing budget, strategic planning, and direction for the data center, production support, and IT DRP
  2. Hands-on in performing operation tasks when needed
  3. Regularly provide guidance and training to team members in the area of operational support, process, and IT DRP activities
  4. To ensure the successful functioning of the Data Centre and computer room facilities for supporting on-line services, batch jobs, reports, tape backup, and disaster recovery operations according to the service level established
  5. Ensure up-to-date documentation of the Data Centre processes, Production Support and IT DRP
  6. Ensure compliance and governance according to the policies and procedures
  7. Conduct Disaster Recovery planning, implementation, testing and readiness for Data Centre systems and IT infrastructure
  8. Vendor management including negotiation and managing vendor contracts, SLAs, maintenance, etc
  9. Provide KPI reports to management for strategic decisions and performance monitoring
  10. Work towards continual improvement in Data Centre operational, Production Support, and IT DRP efficiencies
  11. Manages administrative functions of the Data Centre which includes among others manpower sourcing, project prioritization, problem escalation management, controlling expenses against budget, status reporting and disciplinary counseling
  12. To be involved or to lead in some of the IT project initiatives
  13. To perform all other duties assigned by management.

Main Responsibilities

  1. Supervision of Operations Supervisor, Tape Librarian, Operators and Production Support Unit
  2. Manage staff scheduling and operational responsibilities providing around the clock 24 x7 support
  3. Ensure proper physical security and safety for the Data Center is implemented according to the compliance
  4. Evaluate, recommends and coordinate with the various user groups for their data center support requirements and services needed
  5. Responsible for Tape backup management processes which include tape backup, restoration and tape asset inventory
  6. Manages the documentation, testing and implementation of IT Recovery System
  7. Oversee daily production responsibilities to provide:
    a. Monitoring of all systems and networking components, scheduled batch jobs and report printing
    b. To address problem situations as they occur.
    c. Monitoring enterprise data backup process, data transmission and reporting
    d. Monitoring and managing the Production Support team to ensure the success of application migration to
    production systems and according to the procedures established.
  8. Oversee daily operation of Data Centre facilities to include:
    a. Management of Data Centre inventories related to systems, space and requests for moves, adds and changes of hardware
    b. Manage facility requirements for security, power, space, environment control and systems connectivity.
  9. Monitor and manage the Production Support team to ensure the success of application migration to
    production systems and according to the procedures established
  10. To perform production support activities when required
  11. Stay abreast of new developments in computing hardware and software, networking, disaster recovery, and data center management
  12. Supervise repair, installation, and preventive maintenance of computer systems and data center facilities
  13. Plan, develop, implement strategy and project management for Data Center and IT DRP to meet organizational objectives and performance plans within agreed budgets and timescales
  14. Maintain and audit various monitoring processes in the Data Center
  15. Measure and maintain key operational metrics and provide KPI reports to management
  16. Plan and execute business continuity and disaster recovery strategy and perform a minimum of twice
    yearly IT DRP tests to ensure continuous business processes and high availability
  17. Conduct IT risk assessment for Data Center and IT DRP
  18. Responsible for managing operations of the Data Center and IT DRP: planning, evaluation, purchase, budget, installation and ensuring reliable operation of all computer hardware and networking equipment
  19. Monitor and manage the Production Support team to ensure the success of application migration to production systems according to the procedures established
  20. Ensure the accuracy of SODA (Start of Day Alert) and all the data center operation reports are sent out promptly according to the procedures
  21. Oversee daily Service Desk operations
  22. To be involved, assist or lead in some of the IT project initiatives
  23. Maintaining and keeping track of production application source code
  24. To perform all other duties assigned by management.


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