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Job Description:

Function as Application Support in providing technical support with timely maintenance and resolving business application issues. The role involves troubleshooting software applications, administration, monitoring, and application maintenance, and overseeing practices and processes to ensure the integrity and availability of data and applications.
The expectation includes having a good understanding of the supported applications and related technologies, fostering trust, and providing a seamless support experience



  1. Application Maintenance and Support:
    a. Configure, install, and maintain business applications and programs. This includes assisting in
    application deployment, management of application/software upgrades or patch updates,
    integrations, and preventive maintenance.
    b. Resolving issues, implementing enhancements, and conducting system upgrades.
    c. Monitoring and maintaining application availability, reliability and performance.
    d. Responsive and timely resolve reported incidents/issues including during non-working hours.
    e. Timely escalation to the application development team or vendors to ensure issues are
    resolved timely.
    f. Taking ownership of problems and ensuring their resolution.
  2. Documentation & Continuous Improvement:
    a. Creating and maintaining user manuals, technical manuals and support documentation
    according to best practices.
    b. Keeping up to date with emerging technologies and industry trends.
    c. Upskilling (IT technical & soft skills).
  3. Communication and Teamwork:
    a. Effectively communicating technical concepts to both technical and non-technical stakeholders.
    b. Collaborating with cross-functional teams, stakeholders, and other support teams to facilitate
    problem resolution and improvements.
    c. Offering support to end-users, addressing queries, and providing guidance on software
    d. Assisting in project planning and technical solutions.
  4. Meeting SLA, Adherence to Policies and Standards & Risk Management:
    a. Ensuring the meeting of Service Level Agreements
    b. Comply with organizational policies, industry standards, and best practices.
    c. Vendor management
  5. System Analysis & Application Development:
    a. Analysing application defects for root cause.
    b. Determining solution needs and feasibility.
    c. Need to understand system design, process and integrations.
    d. Developing technical specifications, including database structure and system architecture.
    e. Writing code using languages like Java, .Net, or others.
    f. Assisting in application testing if required
    g. Identifying and fixing defects or bugs to ensure quality standards.
    h. Implementing best practices in software development for continuous improvement.
  6. To perform other duties assigned by management


Bachelor’s degree in IT
Minimum 5 years of experience in application development and support.

Key Skills:

  1. Collaborative Problem Solver: Thrives in team settings, facilitating communication and consensus
    to effectively solve complex issues.
  2. Keen Analytical Mind: Possesses exceptional analytical skills to diagnose problems quickly and
    accurately, pinpointing root causes.
  3. Clear Communicator: Articulates technical information concisely and understandably, building
    rapport with users through active listening and empathy.
  4. Team Player & Adaptable: Collaborates effectively within diverse teams, readily adjusting to
    changing priorities and challenges with a positive attitude.
  5. Documentation Advocate: Creates thorough and well-organized documentation, fostering
    knowledge sharing and continuous learning within the team.
  6. Innovation Champion: Seeks creative solutions and stays ahead of trends, anticipating future
    needs and opportunities.
  7. Time Management: Prioritize tasks, meet deadlines, and manage multiple requests effectively.

Key Knowledge

  1. Basic life insurance & product knowledge.
  2. Good understanding of SDLC and DevSecOps.
  3. IT Technical knowledge:
  • In-depth understanding of the supported application (app features, functionality, limitations,
    troubleshooting steps, process, architecture, and integration).
  • Basic operating systems, security, network, scripting, and server & storage hardware will be
    an added advantage.
  • Must be familiar with Microsoft Windows, software versioning control, application releases,
    and with hands-in programming experience in .Net, Java, HTML, SQL and API
  • Up-to-date application technology stacks including cloud-based technology like AWS or Azure
    will be an added advantage.

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